About Us

Supervielle - de Cores is a Law Firm based in Montevideo, Uruguay. We represent companies and professionals in different cases and different areas of practice, both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to an excellent team of professionals, at Supervielle - de Cores we guarantee legal advice with a multidisciplinary approach to provide the best possible service to our clients. Additionally, we work with external collaborators of the highest level to ensure our clients the most dynamic and personalized legal service.

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Our vision

At Supervielle - de Cores, we consider that each case is different and needs a new and fresh vision to obtain favorable results. Our strategy is always based on the pillars of collaboration and responsibility, both of which have been decisive since the foundation of the firm.

We believe that collaboration is key, both among the professionals of our team and in the relationship with clients. We make sure we are aligned with our clients so that the strategy always responds effectively to their goals and interests. At the same time, to achieve these objectives, we count with the commitment of the entire professional team that works together in search of the best path to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Responsibility is also an essential part of our approach. In all the years of experience in the legal field, our team has been guided by values ​​that have been demonstrated by the close relationship we have with our clients, who know that their priorities are also our priorities. As a result, our team goes through an exhaustive process of creativity, preparation and analysis in each individual case, with a serious sense of responsibility.


At Supervielle - de Cores, we believe that being part of international alliances strengthens our ability to provide better assistance to our clients. This is how, we are proud to be part of INLAW ALLIANCE that brings together distinguished Law Professionals of Latin America.

Supervielle - de Cores is member of Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios  - AJE Uruguay - a non-profit organization that seeks to help build, promote and strengthen the new generation of entrepreneurs in our country.


Misiones 1371, FLOOR 3, Office 21
Zip Code: 11000
Montevideo, Uruguay

+598 2 917 1551